Andrew Coppo

Attorney | Owner of Greater Boston Short Sales, LLC, Real Estate

Andrew Coppo is a Massachusetts attorney and the owner of Greater Boston Short Sales, LLC (GBSS). GBSS is Massachusetts’ leading short sale negotiator. GBSS assists buyers, sellers, real estate agents and attorneys with getting their short sales closed. Andrew Coppo and GBSS exclusively handle short sale transactions. If you are a buyer or homeowner considering a Massachusetts short sale, or a real estate agent representing a short sale client, please contact Andrew Coppo and Greater Boston Short Sales at 617-264-0376 for a free short sale consultation.

Andrew Coppo's Bio:

Andrew Coppo started Greater Boston Short Sales, LLC in response to the growing inventory of foreclosed homes and distressed properties throughout Massachusetts.  As someone who spent a majority of the last decade working alongside the foreclosure departments for all of the major banks and lending institutions, Andrew saw a need for an independent third-party who could facilitate the sale of distressed properties at no cost to the homeowner.    As Massachusetts' leading short sale negotiator, Andrew Coppo and GBSS faciliate the short sale approval by working directly with banks on behalf of buyers, sellers, real estate agents and attorneys. Andrew Coppo has an extraordinary short sale success rate because he exclusively handles Massachusetts short sales and, therefore, is extremely familiar with each lender's specific short sale policies and procedures as well as their estimated approval time-lines.     As a third-party short sale negotiator, GBSS does not represent the buyer, seller or lender. This enables GBSS to achieve the primary objective of getting the short sale approved at the best terms possible for all parties involved. Please contact Andrew Coppo at 617-264-0376 or visit his website if you are interested in learning more about Massachusetts short sales.     ***IMPORTANT NOTICE*** GBSS is not associated with the government and our service is not approved by the government or your lender. Even if you accept any offer to use our services, your lender may not agree to change your loan. If you stop paying your mortgage, you could lose your home and damage your credit rating. You may stop using our service at any time.     ***LEGAL DISCLAIMER*** GBSS IS AN ATTORNEY OWNED SHORT SALE FACILITATION COMPANY.  GBSS EMPLOYEES ARE NOT LICENSED ATTORNEYS. GBSS DOES NOT PROVIDE LEGAL ADVICE. GBSS DOES NOT PROVIDE TAX ADVICE. OUR SERVICE IS NOT INTENDED AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR TAX OR LEGAL ADVICE. ALL RECIPIENTS ARE ENCOURAGED TO SEEK ADVICE OF AN INDEPENDENT TAX PROFESSIONAL AND/OR INDEPENDENT LEGAL COUNSEL WHEN CONSIDERING A SHORT SALE.   

Andrew Coppo's Experience:

  • Owner at Greater Boston Short Sales, LLC

    Real Estate Services

  • Attorney at New England Law & Title, PC

  • Attorney at Ginn & Ginn

Andrew Coppo's Education:

  • Suffolk University Law School

    Juris Doctorate
    Concentration: Law
  • University of Michigan

    Bachelor of Arts

Andrew Coppo's Interests & Activities:

Real Estate, Sports, Travel, Family and Music